Unique Christmas Presents For Your Teenage Son

You have been buying Christmas gifts every year to make your dear ones happy. It makes you feel happy too as Christmas is all about spreading happiness. There is a deluge of Christmas gifts available in the market which is only to be expected with companies expecting brisk sales in this month. But if you are not sure about which of these Christmas presents will make your teenage son really happy, this article will tell you about some unique and very popular sporting activities that are full of fun and excitement. Read on.

Story Bridge Climb

Well, it is only natural to have seen the mammoth Story Bridge structure as you cross Brisbane River every now and then. Have you observed tiny little spots on the bridge while passing the bridge on your car lately? Well, they are actually people who are climbing the steel structure for some fun and excitement. Story bridge Climb has become a very popular recreational activity in the last few years especially now when the authorities have allowed the climbers to carry their digital cameras along with them.

The entire exercise of going up the bridge and coming back to the ground takes about 2.5 hours and is full of lots of fun and adventure. Make sure you climb the bridge along with your son to double his excitement. Do not forget to take your digital camera along with you to take some wonderful pictures of your son climbing the gigantic structure and then at the top. He will be excited as hell reaching the top of the bridge. The two of you will have an exhilarating feeling upon reaching the top of the bridge and also get some breathtaking natural scenes that you can never get from below. You can buy gift vouchers for the climb by going physically to the authorities near the bridge or you can also book these vouchers online making payment through your credit card.

Tuff Trucks

I know what you must be thinking when I mention about this wonderful sporting activity. You think that your son is not big enough to take part in this outdoor recreational activity. But believe me, this is a sport that even kids can take part in, and in fact he will enjoy it to the hilt. Tuff Trucks are especially designed vehicles with huge tires and small bodies so made to overcome obstacles in their way. These days, special tracks are built for these trucks and regular events are organized for the fun of people.

It is a little difficult to drive these funny looking vehicles at the start, but once you know how to maneuver them to surmount the obstacles placed in front of them, driving these Tuff Trucks becomes very enjoyable. These days, to make the even more spectacular, Tuff Trucks are being run under lights which make the event look very beautiful and exciting for the onlookers as well. If you drive a truck along with your son, he will be extremely happy on the occasion of Christmas.

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