Personalised Presents Make 60th Birthday Gifts Unique

Personalised Photo Cushions

Personalising a cushion usually means adding a photo to one side of a firm, comfortable cushion and choosing a colour for the reverse of the cushion cover material. However, for a little extra money you can also choose to have the same or a second image printed on the reverse. Cushion sizes do vary but they can be used on the bed, on the sofa, or for any other purpose you might want to use a cushion.

Photo Blankets

A great looking and similar alternative to a photo cushion is the photo blanket. Again, you can choose to have a single picture on one side and a colour on the reverse or two pictures and three sizes mean that photo blankets are practical for use in bed, on the sofa, in the car, or for travelling. Photo blankets are also a good way to show off a professionally created photo montage.

Photo Cubes

A photo cube is a unique item. A firm cube of cushion foam is covered in cushion cover material and because the cube has six sides it allows you to choose anywhere from one to six designs. As well as the option of printing six different pictures, or a single picture six times on to the cushion, it you can also choose to have one picture printed over two or more sides and you can add text to any of the faces of the cube.

Photo Books And Albums

The photo album is a traditional item that most households have taken advantage of at some time or another. They allow you, or the recipient, to choose and add the photos but a modern photo album enables you to design the customised cover and even the personalised presentation tin.

Make 60th Birthday Gifts Unique

All of these and many other items can be turned into personalised gifts in the same way, through the addition of one or more photographs and other elements. You can add text captions or greetings and you can choose between sentimental or funny photos. You can even add pictures related to hobbies, pastimes, or favourite films or TV shows if you wish. Whatever you choose, personalised gifts like this helps to make your choice of 60th birthday gifts unique to the recipient.

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