Get More Business With Attention-Getting Presentation Folders

What do meetings, conferences, sales presentations and trade shows all have in common? Presentation folders are an opportunity to spread the word about your business. In order to spread the word at these events, you need to attract attention to get noticed.

So, how do you go about grabbing people’s attention? Before you think about hiring someone to streak with the name of your business painted on their back, there is a cheaper, simpler way that’s more effective and won’t result in any legal trouble. One of the best ways to attract attention is with a presentation folder. A custom printed presentation folder creates a powerful first impression. Once you grab attention with your folder, you will be able to pique interest with the information that you have included. A well designed presentation folder establishes you as a credible, professional in your field. It levels the playing field for small and medium sized businesses.

A simple design using your logo and business name is all you need on the front. Keep it clean with open space so you don’t distract attention away from your logo and name. This is an excellent way to establish a brand if you don’t already have one. If it is simple you may wonder how you can make it stand out. Make your design stand out by using a WOW FACTOR effect to ensure that your presentation folder will capture the receiver’s eye. WOW FACTOR effects are special coating and inks you can choose to give an eye candy effect. Some options are using a matte/dull or spot UV coating. A matte/dull coating gives your presentation folder a very elegant look, while a spot UV coating can highlight specific areas with a high gloss laminate. If you want to use inks to make that stand out effect, you can use silver metallic ink (PMS 877) or colored metallics effects. These inks make your presentation folders very impressive. These effects are can be done to all 14 Pt. coated card stock. I recommend any one of 6 papers for your printing. Heavy 14 pt. gloss coated and 14 pt. uncoated card stock have a durable and heavy feel when it’s picked it up. Using 100 Lb gloss cover will give you a lighter weight folder while using a 16 Pt. silk laminated card stock will give you a unique, stylish satin finish. Another option is using Eco-friendly 30% recycled 100 Lb. uncoated linen or Extreme Green sustainable 100% recycled 95 Lb. Reincarnation matte coated cover stock allowing you to show your commitment to the environment. Any one of these attention-getting effects and papers will open your presentation or meetings with a brilliant beginning.

The way that you organize the information you include in your presentation folder is also important. The contents of the folder should work with the design of the cover for a cohesive look. In order to make your material interesting, you need to know your audience ahead of time. Since you will most likely include more than one piece of material, you will want to ensure that they are organized in a manner that flows. You might want to stagger cut the sheets in the folder so you can see the titles of the sheets from front to back It’s also a very good idea to include business card and or cd slits on the pockets. Printing on the flaps may be good idea, and it shouldn’t cost any more.

If you make presentations, custom printed folders are a marketing tool which will help you succeed. Remember these items will leave a lasting impression. Grab their attention immediately by using Wow factor effects. You will be glad you did.

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