7 Tips For Great Powerpoint Presentations

Power Point presentation skills are a must have requirement for most Sales managers in
Today’s selling environment.

While actual body language and voice tone will create the greatest impact. It can all be lost if the wrong things happen with your Power Point presentation.

Here are 7 practical tips to consider when putting together your presentation

1. Plan ahead

Who is the audience and what your outcome is. The local scouts compared to a key group of buyers need different presentations.

2. To many Words

As the saying goes to many cooks spoil the broth. Well to many words on a slide switches off the audience. It has no impact and often confuses people. Remember paragraphs where invented for a reason

3. Spell Check

Yes I know it is obvious. Just make sure you do it. If possible for major presentations get someone else to give it the once over as well.

4. No more than 7 bullet points

The brain cannot remember more than this in one go. Strange yet true. It’s the way our conscious mind works. Trust me its true. Bullet points are a great idea. Ideally no more than 4 or 5 per slide if you really want to have impact

5. Color Schemes

Think of the color schemes you use. Though boring white backgrounds are best.
With black writing.

6. Two many slides

I know when it’s your favourite subject you want to tell people everything. When you want to make a major point or sell something. Less is more. Studies have shown that one slide per 4-5 minutes presenting will give the best impact and memorability.

7. Flying in and Out and all that jazz

Power Point as the name suggests is powerful. You don’t have to use all the builds, animations, sounds and diagrams. Think about your audience and what works best.

These attributes should enhance from your message rather than detract. It does not mean don’t use anything. Just don’t have your audience on a knife edge waiting for the next explosion to occur on screen. It’s OK if it’s a presentation for a friend’s party. Not if it’s the presentation to your senior management team.

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